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Fortune 500 Ecommerce

Client Case Study

Fortune 500 Casual Dining Company


ParableSoft assisted a Fortune 500 Casual Dining company in completing their eCommerce platform which was a project that was 2 years in the making. Originally our client went with one of our local Tampa competitors in July 2006 to complete the functionality for the online Gift Card purchasing system for both their restaurant websites and their employee systems. In August 2008, they decided to bring us in to help complete a project that was a year overdue.  By October 2008 we started launching the ecommerce websites, which assisted with millions in sales during the 2008 holiday season.

The system was built in Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0, using a multi-tiered approach allowing new concepts to be added without major reprogramming. With this model we were able to quickly launch four concept sites as well as a call center system that integrated with it. This system integrates with Archway, Oracle Financials, and First Data Gift Cards. The solution is PCI Compliant.

We also helped enhance their employee gift card website which allows their employees to purchase gift cards at discounted price points. This system integrates with Active Directory, PeopleSoft, and Oracle Financials, allowing it to stay current with employee information, as well as update accounting with all purchases. The employee website launched the first week of January 2009 helping our client start a new employee benefit initiative.


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